Another Way the Indycar Series and the Teams Are Giving Back

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Andretti News, IZOD IndyCar Series
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Andretti Autosport Visits Riverside Jr High

On a recent post about “Motorsports Day at IUPUI” I had spoke about a lady who wanted to know more from us about what “The Point” of it all was. We spoke to her about various aspects of the sport in which we are innovative and how the sport tries to “Give Back” to the community.

The Andretti Autosport Racing establishment is owned and operated by former IndyCar Champion Michael Andretti. The past few seasons may have been a “little off” on the race track for the championship team but the moral and support they give to the Indianapolis community could never have been better.

A fine example of such has come to my attention via the Blog and I wanted to help share this story with you all. Andretti Autosport Presents on IndyCar Aerodynamics


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