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  1. mark zacarias says:

    Like most long time IndyCar fans and your readers, I applaud two wide restarts, but don’t want Nascar’s “lucky dog” rule. Since cars that are one lap down have won IndyCar races, including the Indy 500, ask Randy about this option. Except for restarts in the last 10 laps of a race, leave cars that are one lap down in their pre-yellow position. Send cars two or more laps down, to the back. A car can get one lap down just for pitting at the wrong time. Why penalize them twice?

    Let’s say the running order before a yellow was P1, P26 (4 laps down), P2, P11 (1 lap down), P3, P12 (1 down), P13 (1 down) and P4. With a lucky dog, P11 gets past P1 & P2. P3 catches P2. P12 & P13 don’t have a chance to catch P11 and P4 catches P3. NONE of these are deserved just because the yellow came out. By leaving cars one lap down in the mix and sending those further down to the back, we move the cars that don’t have a chance to win, but preserve the integrity of the race. However, in the last 10 laps of a race, move all but the lead lap cars to the back. This gives casual fans a final restart where they can see the racing order to the checker flag.
    Mark Zac
    Discovery Bay, CA

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