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Open Test postcard: Briscoe gets inside look

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In Italy recently for his annual visit to Formula Medicine, Ryan Briscoe dropped by the Dallara Automobili facility in Parma for a hopeful gander at the INDYCAR Safety Cell.

Good timing.

“I got there and they were rolling the 50 percent 2012 IndyCar into the wind tunnel for some testing with their variation of an aero kit,” he said. “As we move forward there will be lots of variations of aero kits available and the 2012 IndyCar will be able to have many different looks about it. When I got there the night before the very first monocoque had just come out of the autoclave and I was able to see the first full-size monocoque that they were measuring up.

“They are really working hard and moving forward, and everything seems to be right on schedule. I was really impressed with how everything was moving.”

Unfortunately, no photos left the building.

A pair of prototypes with different aero kits is expected to be on the grounds of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May, with testing to begin in late July or early August. For more about the next generation of IZOD IndyCar Series car, CLICK HERE.

Briscoe, who lived in Italy while competing early in his career, ventures back to Formula Medicine – a driver-specific training facility – in Viareggio a few weeks before the start of each season.

“It’s a great way to get myself checked off and well-prepared for the season,” he said. “I spent 10 days in Italy and basically it covers three sectors: Medical, where I get a full medical checkup to make sure I’m healthy and all my blood work is where it should be. Then there’s the physical training side so they have a database from my previous stops, and I have a sitdown with Dr. Ricardo Ceccarelli to talk about where I felt where I could improve physically and work on those muscles and bring back here a program to follow.

“The third part is the mental training side. Ricardo has been doing a lot of research on the past decade or more. Basically, it’s just sort of analyzing how you can better prepare yourself for a race and how you can control the mind during an event — especially for high-speed oval racing where you need so much concentration.

“I feel great coming out of it and it gives me a kick-start going into the season.”


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