Indy Grand Prix of Alabama

Hey race fans… How about that race? And to all that said it would be boring…HAHA See how much you know 🙂 Yea I seen a few of the comments toward the beginning of the race. It was great from start to finish! And no rain this time!!! If you weren’t there then I guess you were stuck, like so many of us, watching the broadcast on Versus or online at I tell you what… my view (2 tv’s on Versus, and 2 PC’s(1 on leadercam and 1 to switch between drivers)) was fabulous! (Isn’t that like one of the signs of an addict!) Oh well… So what! Have to congratulate Helio Castroneves and Team Penske for a job well done! Strategy pays off in the end and all three drivers finish in the top 10. Okay, so lets get to a few highlights and then we’ll come back!

Practice 1

Practice 2


Danica Patrick

I think My girl has had some bad setups from the gate! It’ll come back, I’m sure! As a team they all are doing so well to try to improve… all of this work will pay off for her eventually! But you can’t tell me she wasn’t mad/ or “upset” in that interview! Don’t blame her… alot of presure I’m sure on that woman’s shoulders!

Warm Ups

Race Highlights

WOOOHOOOO! Still get excited! You see that lap 16 take by marco… 2 push to passes and he held the lead for 58 laps of the race! Truly disappointing finish for him! Have to say, yes, I am a Danica fan all the way but, I was rooting for Marco the whole time! The Andretti’s are my “back-bone” to racing so… Between the good qualifying start and the excellent run during the race… I thought it was a shame to see him have to drop out for fuel! And then, as many of us said it would, out came the yellow. It was truly a shame to see! You’ll get it Marco! Just proving your hard work is paying off in setups! Felt bad for Kyle too because he may have made the mistake but unlike some people… he took full responsibility for it!

Marco after race

And from our winner (and brand new daddy) HELIO CASTRONEVES!

Dixon after race 2nd

Tagliani after race

Dario after race

So as for the Firestone Indy Lights Race… All of the FIL drivers involved did a great job at being aggressive in the corners without taking each other out… I have to say “WELL DONE” to you all! Congrats to J K Vernay for the win and continued his dominance this weekend at Barber Motorsports Park! Charlie Kimbell (one of my Fantasy picks) placed P2 and as for my other picks… Pippa Mann finished a solid 12th position, despite picking up some damage in the closing stages of the race. and Martin Plowman picked up P4 with a solid performance as well for Andretti Autosport and AFS Racing. “Great effort by my #27 AFS/Andretti Autosport crew. We had a solid car for a podium. Not happy with that start, but sometimes people get away with stuff… Can’t wait for Long Beach! We are starting to get into our groove!” -@Plowey

FIL Qually’s

FIL Race Highlights!

Well I think enough has been said for now… (might change while awaiting Long Beach) but, for now “I say good day!” LOL – I Am IndyCar



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