Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio

Though there were many trying times on the way, it was a great weekend in Lexington, Ohio at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. The scenery was amazing and the crowds abundant, all waiting to see the fastest drivers in the world take to the track. I got to meet plenty of these fans out for a good time and some Indy racing action, The Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio. Now don’t get me wrong there were plenty out to see the GT Series cars and the World Challenge races that were held but from my perspective most looked forward to the premier event of the weekend and watching their favorite IZOD IndyCar driver.

Ohio has been home to Honda of America for quite some time now with many of our consumer cars being built right in this great state. Honda also has a research and development testing facility located not to far from the Lexington area in Raymond, Ohio. Many of Honda’s employees were given the chance to attend the race with complementary tickets for themselves and members of their families. Not many companies give this opportunity so freely, and it is nice to see Honda taking care of their employees so well. As I asked many of these employees what they thought of their employer they had nothing but great things to say and were proud to be a part of a company that has done so much for the sport and the consumer auto industry. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Keith who worked at a company that built the seats for Honda’s fleet… he was a first timer when it came to attending an IndyCar Series race. Thrilled to see his first event I asked him what he thought of the sport. He told me stories of watching all the races on TV but having never seeing the IndyCars run in person, he just knew he was missing out. Well as the IZOD IndyCars hit the pavement he found out just what he had been missing and we’ll look forward to seeing Keith in Indy next year as well. You know I’m going to promote where I can…

I had the chance of taking yet another new-comer to their first IndyCar event this year. The first being my sister back in May and this time it was a long time friend of mine who lives not to far from the track in Ohio. He really hadn’t ever gotten into racing but was willing to give it a shot. He felt as though it wasn’t very fun to watch cars run in circles, he just didn’t see a point. We arrived at the course bright and early Saturday morning awaiting the opening of the gates so we could setup camp before we headed out to see what I had been hyping him up for the entire trip. Seven o’clock could not have came any slower. But the gates did open, and camp went up in a flash. Hearing the engines fire and hit the pavement just makes your blood pump and you could tell Joe was ready too see his first event.


Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is a pretty big place. With plenty of vantage points to watch the action on the track unfold, your not likely to complain about a view. It would have been nice to see more video screens so you could see the rest of the track but who’s complaining. I thought the facility, and the turnout for the event was spectacular when compared to my last racing event (The Brickyard 400) the wasn’t even a comparison. This track was full of eager fans and even more folks new to the series and having the opportunity to see the cars out on track. The action was packed in turn one as it was the fastest turn of the track. Fans filled the mounds everywhere you walked… It was truly a great weekend at the track!


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