Ihe Iowa Corn Indy 250 recap

Iowa corn and the IZOD IndyCar… 100% fuel grade ethanol. There you go ladies and gentlemen, the makers of Americas no.1 green fuel source has brought you another spectacular race from Iowa. Though many said the location wasn’t the best you sure couldn’t tell from the fan turn-out which seems to grow every year. IZOD IndyCar fans had a taste of the return of the “short tracks” to the IZOD IndyCar Series. Fans and drivers all seem to agree that the we need more tracks in the schedule like the Iowa Speedway.

Tread Cam… What a great idea! So did you actually get the feel of how fast those cars really were going around the track? Yet another great idea showing our growth as a series and giving the fans what they want!


The Race

Tony Kanaan wins the Iowa Corn Indy 250…

Excellent job Tony… With the experience you bring to the sport, you are my driver to beat. And they couldn’t. That was a remarkable job by you and especially your crew (Ryan I’ll get to you in a minute) The time has been coming and you definitely deserve it. As for the conflict between you and Danica… No I don’t know the details behind the scenes between you two but… Really… Why the err-agent moves, I don’t think t was called for. We are all here to win. None the less, as a team member…Congratulations Tony!

Okay so did you see the Ryan Hunter-Reay interview? No… well check this. How are you going to cry about being black flagged stating “I hit a tire… it’s not like I hit someone. I hit a tire” Dude his foot was an inch away from your tire, you got lucky. So the IZOD IndyCar series should just turn their heads to someone who makes a dangerous mistake. MILKA… Have at it girl! Yes a mistake is just that. A mistake. But to make that big of a deal for the series stepping up in the eyes of SAFETY? NO.. great job officials. Yes it would have been another great finish for Andretti Autosport but, ya messed up take it like a man. And here we went. Tony Kanaan was sure laxed on that “team mate” mistake wasn’t he? Hmm… Must have been because he still won the race!

Helio, man yes if you only had ten more laps… Honestly buddy. Glad you didn’t because we have to let the other guys win sometimes. No J/K Nice run for the day and for you to finish after being part of the sandwich most people were eating when they seen… Great P2 run for the Penske team and yourself. No climbing of the fences but it’s a damn good jump to the championship finish.

Offset the what… “TOES”? lol

I have to hand it to the KV Racing boys and E.J. Viso. E.J. brought home his best career finish with a 3rd place run at Iowa Speedway. E.J. and the K V Racing boys have been working hard this year and proving every race they have the capabilities of running in the front pack. Due to unforeseen circumstances in many cases the teams have all struggled to make it to that podium finish and it looks like E.J. has just broken that trait and we’ll look forward to seeing them run down at Watkins Glen over the next holiday weekend. This finish was a much needed finishing position for the KV Racing Team with the loss of Mario Moraes’s car on lap 1 and Takuma Sato who was running strong throughout the race but lost the car in the marbles about half way through the race. Have to give it to Mario on this round… that was in no way shape or form his fault and Justin just lost the car and spun into him. I have heard a few of your thoughts running around the web and had to make my comment there.

Well the IZOD IndyCar Series is now done with the ovals temporarily and is off to the road course circuits. Up next in the 2010season schedule will be Watkins Glen. The IZOD IndyCar Drivers will not see another oval until late August when the IZOD IndyCar Series heads to Chicagoland Speedway. See you all July 4th for the Camping world Grand Prix at the Glen!


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