Sao Paulo Indy 300

Wow… If that wasn’t one of the best racing I have seen in a long time! 95 passes made throughout the race and half of those passes were all completed in turn 11. With hurricane like winds, debris on the track, and multiple car pileups… What more can you ask for?

We started off the 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series with a bang you could say… Some even thought the circus was back in Sao Paulo, Brazil but no, We kicked off our season in all new territory for the IZOD IndyCar league, open wheel racing having not been to Brazil since the mid 90’s with the former CART league! Well we may have kicked off to a somewhat rough start with surface issues on the main straight before turn. We had IndyCars in 5th gear trying to “feather” gas peddles on a straight away so they didn’t spin right into the wall coming out of the final turn to cross the start/finish line. Some even called in “Emergency Clowns with cars” for the big event “IndyCar On Ice!” Izod officials met up with team owners, drivers, and safety officials and decided to postpone practice, causing some pretty hectic schedules, until Sunday before the race.

Well track conditions were greatly improved upon and the track was ground down and ready for racing by Sunday morning and our season was again off to a great start. With teams not being able to do a lot of testing and tuning due to track conditions Saturday it was all out war when it came down to race day. Teams scrambling to make adjustments for practice, quals, and setup for the race all in the same day. Drivers going from full out qualifying mode to focus on 300 mile mode with a 30 minute adjustment period before the green flag dropped. What excitement!


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