The Cafes do Brasil INDY 300 Season Finale

It was a beautiful race weekend for the 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series. The long awaited and highly anticipated season finale would kick off for the last time down here in Homestead/Miami, Florida. As the series grows so does our expectations and we push forward to stay at the top of our class in the racing industry. Where we go from here is still not yet known but rest assured, the IndyCar Series looks to boost the IndyCar experience and bring more attraction to our sport.

We all knew this would happen… What can you really say about this Target/Ganassi Racing Team? Though at the beginning of the race, we all had it set in our minds that Dario would be bringing this one home from the pole position to the finish in the lead, but after an amazing performance collecting the most laps led, Dario Franchitti would claim his 3rd IndyCar Series Championship, two of which coming from back-to-back seasons, from the 8th position leaving the victory to be brought home by team-mate Scott Dixon. Yet another spectacular race performance by the Target/Ganassi Racing Team. Congratulations to you all for putting together such a successful season.

After seemingly having this season “in the bag” back in Sonoma, Will Power (No. 1 Championship contender) lost his standings on the dreaded ovals he has suffered so much on this season bringing it down to the final race to determine who would be the 2010 IZOD IndyCar Series Champion. Will was heard talking of an ill handling car in the beginning of the races but was thought to have had the problems corrected only to find himself alongside the turn 4 wall as he repetitively bounced squarely off the SAFER Barrier rendering his car useless for the remainder of the race. The Verizon wireless crew scrambled together in attempts to repair the broken suspension parts but was unable to get the car back up to speeds. I hate to say this but Sir William has shown there is improvement to be made in the Verizon Wireless No.12 Penske garage over the off-season. With just a few costly mistake made by the Verizon Wireless Team we can all see the dramatic effect it can have on the championship run.

On to the biggest topic of the year… Milka Duno. I know many of you race fans jumped out of your skin with excitement when they announced on race broadcast that Brain Barnhart had stated Milka would not have a license for 2011. Okay now I’m no fan of Milka on track but I am a fan of racing and the drivers involved. I am actually kinda sad to here there is the possibility of loosing another IndyCar driver. Now I know her finishes, or lack there of has caused a lot of turmoil on track but if she could just get better… Well good luck to you Milka in any venture you take on next. Maybe we’ll see you successfully back in the IndyCar Series under better circumstances for you… Shrugs.

The biggest “scare” to me this season would still have to be the performance of Andretti Autosport. It seems the “team” work was gone this year in the garage areas… There was a vibe in the air I was not accustomed too, I was told things by crew that I thought should never be uttered by a successful team. It takes every person in a team to want to be the best… to be willing to do whatever it takes to become successful… You should be disappointed in not being successful, in which should drive your inner self to want to do more. If we only learn one thing from this entire year let it be this. More of our drivers had better results than the previous year, and for the results we didn’t like, drivers and the teams learned from these experiences and pressed on to the next track with nothing on the minds but to get better results for their efforts. Well by the end of the year the results progressively got better. Although the gains were not as successful as would have been hoped for, it was great to see the Andretti Autosport teams all show the strives they have this season in their fight to be back on top.

I would like to also congratulate Dayle Coyne Racing driver Alex Loyd for taking the Indycar Rookie Of The Year Award and Simona de Silvestro after bringing home the Tony Renna Rising Star Award and the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Award. Simona, feeling a sense of accomplishment for the 2010 season , is determined to improve in her second year and is ever so thankful of the opportunity. “It’s just great to be part of a team like that because they really believed in me and they let me be who I am. The series is just great and I’m looking forward to being back next year.” – de Silvestro. Simona has been successful at holding on to her seat for the 2011 season with HVM Racing.

With the season now over I take the time to better reflect on the 2010 season. This year has truly been an eye opening experience for many folks involved with the IndyCar Series. I even find myself in awe of what we have accomplished. This season alone we have better established ourselves as far as marketing goes with IZOD playing a main role, established the setup for the 2012 Indycar changes in attempts to bring new life back to our great sport, and we have stirred the pot around finding the new ingredients to spice things up even more for next season. Yes it has been a great year, to be marked in history as the year we took back our spotlight. We are the only series to bring the racing this close to the fans. I believe it is time for the fan to step up and take charge of the sport you love… Become a part of this sport… Spread the word, the experience, the emotion, and fight for us to once again be the best racing in America.


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