The PEAK Antifreeze & Motor Oil INDY 300



Hey wait… where’s the fans? The success of the previous short tracks sure didn’t follow on to Chicagoland. Many are left to wonder why, but most of us know the truth behind why, ISC Tracks are no longer much interest to our open wheel dreams. With the non-existent promotions that brought so many folks out to the track for race day, was a crying shame. Shame for ISC to choose to make Nascar more important than the IZOD IndyCar Series. Everyone I spoke with said the attendance for Nascar was down around 80% this year and that the race was more of a parade than a race. So we take the good with the bad and press forward. I will miss the track, the action, but most of all the fans of Chicago that still make it out to have a good time with the IZOD IndyCar’s. Race Camp Chicago has become a home away from home at the speedway and this really SUCKS!


As I was walking along throughout the weekend I just couldn’t get over the lack of people. The fans that were there all seemed to be having a great time though. Some were enjoying the few attractions laid out for them, some getting to know more of their favorite drivers, but mostly it seemed everyone enjoyed the show. Fans with dreams to drive just once around a speedway like this, fans who are die-hards… that love everything Indy and wouldn’t miss an event near home. The fans could not have been more pleased with the action. (I think I even converted a few Nas..caugh… junkies)… we loved it and missed you all.


I for one was thrilled to be at what could be the last race in Chicagoland for the IZOD IndyCar Series, at least for now. I had to do a bit of mild reporting but to just attend the race as a fan is something many people miss out on in these days. The publicity isn’t there, the times in our economy are rough to put it best, but the IZOD IndyCar Series races can be extremely cheap to attend. With tickets starting at only $25, you can’t beat the fun you will have. Bring the family, bring your friends, there is always so much to see and learn about our sport at every venue. Many of which offer weekend ticket offers for low prices. Food, beverage, camping, and plenty of scheduled racing action for your weekend. There is nothing like attending one of these great races. You can’t feel the experience from the couch, or the garage… You can’t get that experience from in front of Race Control. We all have come to love these great tools, the series provides for us to enjoy this great sport. Keep it alive IZOD IndyCar Fans. There is so much to offer, all you have to do is receive.

The race was truly one of the best for the season as far as the competition goes. The drivers were racing for position all night not giving the next an inch. This makes for an awesome night for fans, though the drivers seemed unhappy with the race and some of the drivers performances. I myself even thought this was a race for the record books. So I thought we made it clear that we didn’t want just anyone to be able to drive these things… We wanted the car to scare you and make you be on your toes. I think a few have become accustom to the road courses and the rules laid out if you ask me. Wait until Kentucky… I bet we see some of those drivers a little less tense and focusing in more on the front, where there is no mess!


For more photos from the PEAK Antifreeze & Motor Oil INDY 300 visit our Facebook page…


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